Container Relocation

Moving near or far, we got you covered!

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Flexible and Cost Effective Relocation Services

Moving Your Possessions Safely & Hassle-Free Nationwide

Relocating a purchased container

Here at Container HQ we have 20ft and 40ft containers that you can buy, and we’ll deliver it to your property right across New Zealand.

You can fill the container in the weeks leading up to your move, and when you are ready, we will load your container onto the truck and deliver your container to your new location.

You can then enjoy the convenience of moving your belongings to your new location within your own timeframe and utilise your container for extra storage or space once you are finished with your move.

Relocating a hired container

Container HQ hire out 20ft and 40ft containers that you can use to relocate throughout New Zealand.

We have flexible hire terms, so there is no need to rush. When you are ready to move, Container HQ will transport your container to the new location.

Once you no longer need the container, Container HQ will arrange collection. Don’t forget to ask about our 1-month free hire with every relocation deal. T&Cs apply.

Moving Made Easy

Relocating your own container

Moving within the same city, inter-city or inter-island using your own container has never been easier!

Once your loaded container is ready to be relocated, please contact us with your moving date and specific moving information. We will pick up your full container and transport it to your new location. Once your container is in its new position, you can unload it at your own pace.